Paintings on paper


These original works on traditional watercolor paper are the result of an adventurous creative process with lines, shapes, colors and textures.

Jaap combines his years of experience with a mastering of various techniques. This results in powerful, sensitive, spontaneous works that continue to fascinate.

Keywords are: perception, imagination, vitality and abstraction.

The paintings arise from the inner urge to reflect on and interpret observations, experiences and happenings in an innovative way.

Drawing from his feeling and intuition Jaap tries to penetrate beneath the surface of reality and daily routine, in search of the essence of things and situations.

For a successful end result he finds visual tension, dynamism and spontaneity of vital importance.


As for content, the mostly organic works refer to man, nature, earth, life forms, primeval forces, traces and cultures.

Years of living abroad and many journeys form an inexhaustible source of inspiration.